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What makes Dr. John unique?
Why should I visit a chiropractor?

I came to Better Life Chiropractic and Wellness after a injury/accident that pinched a nerve in my lower back. By morning I couldn’t stand or sit. I was laying on the floor with my feet up on the wall. I had severe pain in my lower back, down the left leg, and my left foot was starting to go numb. A friend referred me to Dr. John. Dr. John and his staff saw me later that morning and worked with me using the Pro-Adjuster for re-alignment, pain management, and worked with me on a daily exercise program to return me to a full, active work schedule in weeks.


I had a previous back injury many years previous to this of the same nature, but had gone to a different health care provider. Results took over a year to return to some what normal lifestyle. During my injury time, Dr. John and his staff were very understanding of all my needs. They gave suggestions for better lifestyle changes. They encouraged me, but never pushed me, as to what I had to do. And, never took advantage of making me come back. I am responsible for my life choices, but they are with me as my friends to provide help, guidance, and support.


It’s been many years since this injury. I have continued my care with Dr. John, and I still enjoy a normal, very active, pain free lifestyle. Thank you for the awesome job you do! 

-Roy I.


Gloria met Dr. John at one of his presentations and was impressed.  She tells us that “Dr. John has a caring way about him.  He wants to help you to overcome any health problems you may have.”  She is excited that she can now stand up a little straighter and can turn her head more to each side than she could before. When asked what stood out about Dr. John’s care she replied that “Dr. John always has time for you.  He does his adjustments and expects you to do your exercises they give you so your body can then do the healing that is needed.” 

-Gloria W.


Scott came in to see Dr. John for neck and back pain which had been going on for a year and was getting worse.  He wanted to get better and was sick of hurting every day.  He said it was bad enough that he was getting crabby and his wife and kids were beginning to notice.  Scott had seen other chiropractors and a spine doctor, but recommends Dr. John as he “takes whatever time it takes and is very thorough on explaining what effects everything has on one another.”  He has noticed improvements not only in his health and now he feels, but also in what he eats and his attitude. 

-Scott S.


Debbie came to see Dr. John because of a lower back and neck injury after Dr. John gave a presentation.  She had seen several doctors in the past for these issues.  She does exercises daily that were taught in our office which improved her balance and coordination.  Her favorite part is that she can now stand on one leg with her eyes closed!  She is also able to do a lot more with very little pain or discomfort. She describes Dr. John as having a “great understanding on how the human body works and he is confident in helping his patients get relief and also helps them with a wellness lifestyle by conducting classes in nutrition, exercise, stress management, and health and wellness.”  She also says to “give Dr. John an opportunity in helping you with aligning your vertebrae in your back and neck.  He is very personable and good with his patients.  I went and saw Dr. John with an open mind and I can’t believe what a huge difference he has made in my life.  His staff are awesome and friendly with great attitudes.”

-Debbie S.


A fitness trainer recommended Dr. John and now I’ve been working with him and his staff since September 2014 to improve my
posture and strengthen my muscles in a way that makes me stronger, without elbow joint pain. Dr. John’ s course of treatment; including physical exercise and neck foam support, along with chiropractic adjustments helped my structure heal and work differently, giving me a better working body. The classes in the office on stress management and nutrition inspire me to make healthy lifestyle choices. I eat well and participate in yoga and Pilates classes. I encourage my friends to come to Dr. John for chiropractic care because his adjustments are gentle and powerfully effective. His treatment plan is well thought out and his staff is kind and thorough. This work will support my healthy and active lifestyle in the coming years. Thanks, Dr. John!

-Paula S


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