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Sign up for your Balance & Fall-Risk Assessment

Complimentary Balance Assessments from Better Life Chiropractic & Wellness

Better Life Chiropractic and Wellness will be offering complimentary 10-Minute Balance & Fall-Risk Assessments for Uptown Social. This quick and valid assessment tool uses research-based technology to determine your normative balance score. In this balance assessment you will learn:

  • How your balance and postural sway may impact your risk of falling

  • How your postural movement may impact your balance

  • A baseline objective measurement for your balance in comparison to others your age

Better Life Chiropractic & Wellness is Your Partner in Health & Wellness. We are an innovative wellness clinic with doctors that look at health and wellness in relation to your goals. We believe that If we can educate people to obtain Better Movement, Better Nutrition, and Better Self Care that they can achieve a Better Life.

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