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Do you know how your meat is fed, treated, and processed?

Kristi Reitz, PhD

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Photos of LedgeCrest Family Farm's Pasture-Raised Pigs, Cows, and Chickens

Meat prices have gained national attention in the last several months. From shipping challenges to processing plant issues, our national food supply has been adversely affected in recent months and we are seeing it at the grocery stores. In addition to the challenges with supply, there are numerous challenges in determining quality. We can look for organic, pasture raised, grass-fed, grass-finished, etc. but what do these statements really mean? Can we trust the quality?

The solution to these challenges is actually very simple, connect with local farmers. We have been working on getting to know our local food sources for years, and it is time we share these with all of you so that you may reap the benefits of these wonderful, high-quality, local sources and so that we can all share in supporting our local farmers.

Hans and Monique Herzog own LedgeCrest Family Farm in Greenleaf, WI. They manage an organic farm and raise pasture-raised cows, pigs, chicken, and Cornish game hens. Monique is at the Sheboygan farmers market on Saturday every week in the summer months and now at the Sheboygan Winter Market the first and third Saturday of every month.

Where is the Sheboygan Winter Market?

The SCIO Winter Market is at the First Congregational Church: SCIO Winter Farmers Market, 310 Bluff Ave, Sheboygan, WI 53081, 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM, First and Third Saturday of each Month

What can I order?

One of the best things about LedgeCrest Family Farm is that you can order small quantities of a wide variety of items. Click to view the folder containing their 2021 Product List with Pricing and also look at the Stock Updates, indicating any out of stock items or additional items for sale.

How do I order from LedgeCrest Family Farm?

You can simply send Monique an email Monique Herzog with what you would like and she will confirm your order and let you know your total price. Then, all you need to do is stop at the Winter Farmers Market and pick up your order.

What does she sell? What are the prices?

Stay Updated!

Subscribe to the LedgeCrest Family Farm Newsletter to get updates on their products and learn more about the farm. Send Monique an email and ask her to add you to her newsletter: Monique Herzog

Learn about LedgeCrest Family Farm - A message from Monique

Monique has provided us with a little history of the farm and has explained their sustainable practices. They use a local processor, Otto's Meats, which does not utilize MSG, Nitrates, Gluten, or Nitrites.

We are a 4th & 5th generation diversified family farm, working together atop the beautiful Niagara Escarpment in southeastern Brown County. The farm has been continuously farmed by this family since 1934, although the focus has changed over the years. Hans took over the farm in the early 1990's and now, we farm together with our youngest son, Eli. We have 4 adult children and 9 grandchildren, with another grandbaby arriving in 2022. Although the older three and their families chose other paths, everyone shares their talents and skills when needed.

We began transitioning to more Earth friendly, organic practices almost 20 years ago. Education was a key part of the process, although trial and error continues to be a factor! Now, we manage all 160 acres using organic practices. We use no antibiotics, growth hormones or other chemical inputs on the farm. When needed, we turn to aloe, garlic, herbs and homeopathic remedies.

The main focus of our farm is centered around soil health and plant diversity. We believe these to be important factors in the health of all living things. Over the years we have planted several thousand trees and are now focusing on fruit bearing bushes and other perennials. Because we do not use chemicals of any kind on the farm, it is a beautiful wild landscape that is home to not just our livestock, but also an abundance of different types of wildlife.

Several years ago, we had an old gent from the area comment on our beautiful field of buckwheat. He recalled his days as a child eating buckwheat pancakes. That was the catalyst for the wonderful flour and grain products we now sell. We use organic saved seed or certified organic when purchased so all of our grain and flour products are non-gmo with no additives. Our fields are never sprayed but rather, we rely on our own composted manure for fertilizer.

The beef cattle are raised using rotational grazing and are fed our own baled hay in the Winter months. Mama and baby are raised together and enjoy pasture, water and sunshine.

The pigs are raised outdoors with shelter and have access to pasture on a seasonal basis. Again, mama and baby stay together. The pigs enjoy an abundance of fresh vegetables like apples and pumpkins in the Fall and spent brewer's grain year round from a local brewery.

Our meat chickens are raised using non-medicated soy-free organic feed and have access to fresh grass. We raise both broilers and Cornish Game Hens seasonally. Our egg laying hens are free range all year round, if they choose, and are never pushed to lay more eggs than their normal cycle allows.

Hans began keeping bees about a dozen years ago and now manages about 30 hives a year. We only lightly filter our honey and it is never heated, making it pure and raw. We want to maintain all the wonderful benefits the bees worked so hard to provide! We also sell hand cut honeycomb and related honey/beeswax products, such as 3 ingredient lotion bars.

We feel very fortunate that we are able to continue to dedicate ourselves to the pursuit of farming that helps, not harms, the planet. And, we are happy to share our bounty with you!

Peace & smiles,


LedgeCrest Family Farm

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