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Detox Made Simple.

While Dr. John and I were at the Standard Process Farm last month, we learned about the new Standard Process (SP) Detox Balance Program. This program is extremely simple and hugely beneficial.

Why do I need to detox?

Unfortunately, toxins are everywhere. Exposure to toxins can overburden a body's natural ability to detoxify.

Toxins can contribute to:

  • Fatigue or difficulty sleeping

  • Weight gain & food cravings

  • Indigestion and other temporary gastrointestinal upset

  • Reduced mental clarity

  • Low libido

  • Skin issues

  • Joint discomfort

How does my body detox through metabolic detoxification?

Metabolic detoxification is your body's natural process of removing and eliminating toxins from your cells. The supplementation shakes support a three-phase process that unlocks fat-soluble toxins and converts them to a water-soluble state that is easier for your body to remove. Your body needs key nutrients and phytonutrients to support each of these phases.

How does the program work?

Drink one, two, or three nutrient-packed SP Detox Balance shakes per the daily shake schedule in the Program Guide. Combine the powder with water, mix and enjoy any time of the day. While this is not a meal-replacement shake, it could replace some food intake. The program is flexible and may be done in either 28-days or 10-days. No other supplements are required for this detox.

Is the program simple?

Yes! The only thing you need to remember is to drink your shake(s). They taste great and mix easily with water so they are very easy to bring to work and drink on the go.

We have both the 28-day and 10-day programs in the office. Ask Dr. John if this program is right for you and start today! You will love the results.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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