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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Sarah said that ever since the Nutrition Workshop at Nourish, she has been getting a lot of questions about Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). I thought it would be easiest to share the resources in the form of a blog post. Please note, these are simply resources that we have found to be helpful, we are not benefiting from sharing these resources.

A CSA basically means that you are becoming a member of a local farm. You will then reap the benefits of your membership in weekly (or bi-weekly if you choose) shares of produce. You will receive a variety of produce that will change from week to week depending upon what is in-season and ripe. Many CSAs also offer share add-ons like eggs, chickens, fall shares, or early spring green shares.

When I first met Dr. John, he had been a member of a CSA for many years. I had heard of CSAs but I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. My first summer as a CSA member was an extremely fun learning experience! Each week, I would look forward to Wednesday and discovering new vegetables. I spent time on Pinterest looking up recipes and designing tasty dishes with a wide variety of produce. Now, during the winter months, I long for the first CSA delivery!

Sheboygan County has two CSAs with very strong reputations. Your decision really comes down to your preferences. Check out their websites, look at the different types of shares that they offer and locations for pickup. I would recommend starting with a smaller share to begin. You can always supplement your CSA with the farmer's market, local food markets, or farms. So, check out the resources below and comment on our post if you have questions!

Springdale Farm:

Old Plank Farm:

Sheboygan Winter Farmer's Market:

First and Third Saturday of Each Month

First Congregational Church

310 Bluff Ave

Sheboygan, Wisconsin 53081

Yes, there is a winter farmer's market! You will be pleasantly surprised when you see the wide variety of local produce, honey, cider, and even canned goods. Plus, you can meet the staff from several local CSAs.

Perennial Farms:

Family-run farm with organic fruits, eggs, and cider. They also hold classes at their farm, several are coming up this month and next, check out their Facebook page to learn more.

Sacred Earth Farm:

Family-run urban farm, no-spray fruits, vegetables, & herbs. In the summer, you can stop by their farm and buy produce and eggs from a self-serve cart. Like them on Facebook to learn more.

You can also check out the Farm Fresh Atlas:

Additional options shared by our friends at Nourish Farms include Shared Seasons located in Fredonia, Rare Earth in Belgium, High Cross and 3 Sisters Farm in Campbellsport, and Park Ridge Organics in Fond du Lac.

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