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Time to Purify and Get Back on Track

Between a busy summer and working in the office, I've definitely experienced a slide in my nutrition and exercise. With the cooler weather and the "back to school" mentality, I'm ready to get back on track. Dr. John and I decided to jump-start our bodies and minds with a 21-Day Purification. We did a lot of research and decided to use the Standard Process 21 Day Purification. The Standard Process 21-day program combines whole food supplements with a whole food diet to cleanse the body.

We are now on day 13 of 21 and we are feeling great! We've both lost inches and are feeling lighter. I've also noticed an increase in energy!

We begin our days with a shake made of our favorite ingredients. I love including a banana, spinach, coconut milk, superfood powder, and then we add the SP Complete powder and Whole Food Fiber powder. There are many recipes and various ingredients for every craving! Last week, I even made a pumpkin spice shake that was delicious! You can add any vegetables and fruit that you desire. At first, I was worried about the powder, I wanted to be sure it wasn't too "gritty" or thick. I was very happy to find that the scoop was small and the powder had no flavor or aftertaste. Ideally, during the purification, a person should have two shakes per day. If needed, you can drink a third shake. For the first 10 days, we had a shake for breakfast, a shake and a small lunch, and then dinner. I was feeling very full and didn't have much of an appetite for the meals I was trying to eat. I cut back to one shake per day after day five. Dr. John is still drinking two shakes per day. We discussed this with other chiropractors that have used the 21 Day Purification and we spoke with the company, they said that given my small stature, it was fine to cut back to one shake per day.

During the first 10 days, we chose to eliminate meat to help our bodies cleanse. This is recommended by Standard Process for only the first 10 days. This was a bit challenging but we made it to day 10 and have enjoyed eating meat once again!

There is no "good time" to do a purification, something will always come up. Our first weekend of purification, we had a family event with a Packer Party. I made sure to communicate with our sister-in-law that we would bring food that we could eat so that she didn't need to worry about our needs. As it turns out, the entire family loved all of the food that we brought! I made a vegetarian lentil chili, the rest of the family ate traditional chili which would have been fine after day 10. We also brought veggies and hummus, homemade pickles, an olive tray, and pickled beets.

We have also eaten out several times during our purification. It is simple to eat Thai, Japanese, or even Chinese food during the first ten days. We loved eating vegetarian sushi! Of course, you can always eat a vegetarian soup that is broth-based or a nice salad.

This past weekend, I traveled to see a friend in Virginia. Therefore, I did the best that I could while I was gone. I did drink a little alcohol over the weekend but I was able to stick to my food plan. Again, you have to do what you can and move forward. The airports are always tricky. However, there are great options. For example, I always order tomato juice on the plane. It is nutritious and somewhat filling. Also, there are now vending machines in many airports that are green and include an assortment of salad ingredients for a build your own meal option. Many restaurants also offer a "grab and go" option where you can look at the salads, wraps, or bowls that are available before purchasing.

Many people would think that eating out would be really challenging but if you look at menus before you go and have a plan, sticking to your plan is accessible.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Yours for a Better Life,


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