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Informational Workshops & Office Events

Our practice is committed to building a stronger community through education. We offer many informational and engaging workshops both in our office and throughout the community. 

Workshop Offerings:

Dates listed on Facebook Events and on the Calendar at the bottom of this page

Self-Care: An Instruction Manual to You

Learn about the science behind wellness and taking care of yourself and your family. Think about your own goals and identify methods of achieving those goals. Dr. John will help you in looking at how to get better faster, stay better longer, and spend less money on health care. 

The 10-Minute Exercise Solution

Learn about the science behind exercise. Dr. John will help you to identify common misconceptions about exercise, provide simple exercises that do not require a gym membership, equipment, or training. He will also teach ways that nutrition and exercise are linked.

Nutrition for a Busy Lifestyle

Learn about nutrition and healthy eating on a budget. Dr. John will help you to identify how society views nutrition, where to get the most nutritious food for your money, and how you can make simple changes to benefit you and your family. Dr. John will also address how nutrition and supplements can lead to decreased inflammation in the body.

The Science of Stress

Stress and the Impact on Your Health

Learn about stress and the hidden ways that it impacts your health and productivity. Dr. John will teach you how to identify your warning signs of stress, practice techniques to reduce stress and anxiety, and live a more productive, healthy, and happy life. Dr. John will address how exercise, nutrition, and chiropractic care can reduce your stress and increase your productivity. 


Healthy Holiday Meals - watch online now

The holiday season can be difficult to navigate while sticking to healthy eating. Dr. John and his wife created this fun video to provide you with recipes, simple swaps, and guidance to be sure your holiday season is filled with healthy, yet delicious versions of those favorites you and your family love!



To Register: Call the office 920.459.8477, Mark Your Status as Going on Facebook, or email us

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